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Copy the following link and view a video about Gel Blaster: The Gelblaster SURGE offers safe, clean fun for the whole family! The Gelblaster Surge is a fully automatic, electric gel blaster that fires environmentally safe, water-based gel beads that immediately begin to evaporate upon impact, meaning no mess and mess. more pleasure ! The Gelblaster Surge fires from an 800 bb loader (included) and is powered by a rechargeable battery. It can be converted from orange to blue with fins (included), with other colored fin kits available to add your own style. Shooting up to 150 fps with a range of approximately 30 yards, the Gel Blaster Surge is safe, simple and FUN for everyone, with safety goggles and BBs included! The full battery charge time is 1 hour, this can fire approximately 13,000 BBs. One of the most important things is knowing how to rehydrate the balls correctly... We use specific VALKEN buckets which contain about 70,000 balls. You throw the little marbles into the bucket and fill to the top with water and put the lid on. You leave it like that for 6 hours. You then return the bucket for 6 hours and the excess water will drain through the holes provided for this purpose. If you don't, you risk putting the wet balls in the grenade and water will flow into the gun which can lead to electronic failure. If the beads start to shrink over time, you can add more water to them and they will return to their normal size. Many people have questions about cleaning. There is literally no mess. People think there is water inside, but the beads are actually solid, the water has been absorbed and caused it to expand. When you shoot the marble, it shatters when it hits a hard surface, you will end up with small pieces of gelatin which, once the water has evaporated, will turn into dust. If the marble remains whole after the water evaporates, it will shrink back to its original size. You can shoot them indoors and not make a big mess like paintballs do, so perfect for indoor venues... Contents of the box: - 1x Gelblaster SURGE VALKEN - 1x rechargeable battery (full charge approx. 1 hour) - 1x battery charging cable (USB C) - 1x pack of orange fins - 1x pack of blue fins - 1x pair of safety glasses - 2x grenade loader 800 bbs and feeder - 1 sachet of orange 3000ct BBs (soak overnight in water then shoot!) - 1 sachet of blue 3000ct BBs (soak overnight in water then shoo