Tippmann FT-50 - cal.50


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The FT-50 utilizes the same design of the popular FT-12 with a flip top, tool-less design but with new internals and barrel for .50 Cal games. There are many advantages to .50 cal games including a lower weight, less impact and less mess to clean. When the FT-50 is fully loaded with paint, the smaller hopper still carries over 300 paintballs but the overall weight is much lighter. It also provides a lower impact force that will appeal to younger players. The flip-top design makes rental maintenance easy and quick. Compared to .68 caliber paint, .50 caliber paint has lower cost, takes less storage space, and results in less paint to clean. Features An easy to remove modular trigger assembly that is designed to help reduce pin wear A top non-cycling A-5 style cocking handle with built-in cover to keep dirt and debris out of the marker A new lockdown feedneck which keeps moisture from entering the breech A 1.5 inch blade trigger with a short pull for faster firing and a more responsive feel An 8.5 inch high-performance barrel for greater accuracy A built-in sight and offset feedneck for easier targeting An internal gasline, offering an enhanced look while minimizing the potential for gasline damage A recessed safety, which is easier for first-time time players to engage A riveted-on nameplate A smaller ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort